Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Keep training and keep going

Dear all, Remember to train hard. There are times we feel down. We feel that no matter how hard we train, we find it hard to improve even 1 second. As long as you train hard, you will improve. If you continue to put in efforts, you will reap your rewards. 4 years have passed. During my course of training, our team had produced 3 head prefects: Nicholas, Zion and another one who will be taking over this Friday. It is no coincidence that we have 3 head prefects. It is the discipline developed in running that helped develop you. I am also happy that I had produced excellent athletes, such as Jian Da, Bryan Cheng and more. They are talent scouted and valued. Yet, they are humble and hardworking. Every time they get injured, they ice their injuries and plow on. I am also very happy with students I had developed and are responsible and excellent people in life. They are Mr Kevin, Ryley, Mei qiu, Fraser, Hui teng and more. I am sure they will remember the training and the pain we had put in. Presently, I have reliable captains, like Kennedy, who is a good example. He never gives up. And keeps going. I believe he thinks the same way I do - that life is short and there is no time to slack. Life is never easy and never fair. We must never hold on to any injustice or feel that we are shortchanged...eventually giving up. We should use this as a source of inspiration to move and work hard. Today, I heard during a PE lesson, a comment was made: "Desmond, you will never catch up with Mr Will" I do not agree. This is because you will continue to improve and overtake me. This is because you are young and will continue to improve as long as you work hard. Whenever you feel like giving up, hold your head high, think of your abilities and ask yourself how you can train harder. Remember, a true runner will never question the intensity of the training. He will always ask how much more he can take. There is no finish line for a runner. - Coach

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