Monday, April 28, 2008

Cross Country Results 2008

Dear all,

Here are the results for the cross country. Most of you did well. Especially some of you who had shown alot of improvements. For those who did not do that well, you will have to join me more for training. I believe you will improve if you follow me for the training. Remember, following me for training means to complete it and not give up.

- Coach

B Boys:

Total number of participants: 316

Position: 66
Name: Nicholas
Timing: 16.48 mins

Position: 81
Name: Kenneth
Timing: 17.03mins

Position: 98
Name: Shaheer
Timing: 17.21s

Position: 202
Name: Bryan
Timing: 19.19min

Position: 241
Name: Hwee Wen
Timing: 20.16min

Position: 315
Name: George
Timing: 27.42min

B Girls:
Total number of participants: 229

Position: 38
Name: Asquiha
Timing: 16.17min

Position: 66
Name: Jiaqi
Timing: 17.49min

Position: 115
Name: Kiazhi
Timing: 18.33min

Position: 142
Name: Esther
Timing: 19.30min

Position: 146
Name: Iris
Timing: 19.47min

Position: 170
Name: Joey
Timing: 20.42min

C Boys
Total Participants: 277

Postion: 82
Name: Ryley
Timing: 18.19min

Position: 149
Name: Jian Da
Timing: 20.03min

Position: 204
Name: Bo Tai
Timing: 21.23min

Position: 238
Name: Milton
Timing: 232.43min

Position: 250
Name: Earnest
Timing: 23.59min

Position: 259
Name: Bing Ren
Timing: 25.05min

C Girls:
Total Participants: 223

Position: 93
Name: Marsyah
Timing: 18.40min

Position: 131
Name: Mei Qiu
Timing 20.02min

Position: 132
Name: Fraser
Timing: 20.02min

Position: 142
Name: Wang Yin
Timing: 20.23min

Position: 185
Name: Shafiqah
Timing: 22.45min

Training on 29th April 2008

Dear all,

Please do the following workout during your free time. As this is the exam period, I cannot conduct training. Thus, you have to follow the workout on your own.

Runner's Gym:

Warm up run (12mins)
Stridings X 4
Squats (4 sets of 10 reps) - Weight- 10kg in total
Calf raises (4 sets of 25 reps)
Bicep Curls (4 sets of 10 reps) - Weight - 5 kg
6 X100m sets

- Coach

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Training Programme for 25th April 2008

Dear all,

You may ask, "Why is it that some of the athletes from some schools can run faster?".

The answer is that they have a high level of commitment and endurance in them. Many of us are not born runners. The only way to achieve the level of excellence is to put in extra hard work. To tell you frankly, I was not a very good runner when I was 13-14. I remembered my first 2.4km when I was 13 was 11mins 30s. I couldn't keep up with others no matter how hard I tried. And worse of all, I received no support from my teachers. All they could say was: "Hey Will, forget it. You'll never make it."

At first, I was discouraged. But I still tried. I remembered training at AMK park. (The park with Mcdonald's which we did slopes) When my friends were playing, I was running. When my friends were having games, I was running. I just kept running as I thought the only way to improve was to put in more effort.

Similarly, the only way for us to improve is to continue to work hard. If the athletes train with only 4 laps, we will have to train with 8 laps. You have only trained with me for 3-4months. So your improvements will only show in high amounts only if you continue to train for a year. You must not give up.

You'll have to train by yourself during this period because its the examinations period and I am not supposed to train with you. You can join me during the weekends at Macritchie.

Tomorrow's training:

Long Run: 40mins
4 X Stridings
Strengthening: Crunches, Push ups, Backraises
Conditioning: Ankle Jumps and Hamstring exercises

Please do the workout when you have finished studying and in need of a break. So not lose the momentum and stop training as it is very difficult to catch up again.

- Coach

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Good Job and keep going

Dear all,

I am very happy with your performance today. All of you really put in your best and I can see it in your faces. I believe you guys can do very well if you come more regularly. Nicholas and the sec 1s are good examples. Even Shaheer and Kenneth tried to support and come down regularly even though they are busy as players with Sengkang Punggol Marine Soccer Club.

Asquiha and Hui Wen had done very well this time. If Asquiha and Hui Wen are permanently transferred to Cross Country, I believe they can do even better.

End of the day, I am proud of everyone of you in Team NV.

- Coach

Monday, April 21, 2008

Botanic Gardens Re-visit

Dear all,

The botanic gardens familiarization will be postponed from tomorrow till Wednesday afternoon at 1.30pm.

Basically the route is the same. Only one section differs. That is, we'll run along the red brick road.

- Coach

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Training Schedule for the week (21st April 2008)

Dear all,

The training schedule for the week is as follows:

21st April 2008 (Mon)
Time: 4.15pm
Venue: Library Auditorium
Attire: Running/PE attire

23rd April 2008 (Wed)
Race Day

- Coach

* Training will resume after exams.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Milk Run 2008

Dear all,

there will be a race coming up on July 8 2008. It is called the Milk Run.

Please check out the website and register if you wish to participate.

Distance: 6km
Competitors: Under 18

- Coach

Friday, April 18, 2008

Time Trial at Botanic Gardens (18th April 2008)

Botanic Gardens
5km time Trial (Boys)
Nicholas - 20.03mins
Ryley - 21.08mins
Jian Da - 21.29mins
Hafiz Omar - 22 mins
Brian (Big) - 22 mins
Armand - 25.30s
Bing Ren - 25.43mins
Hafiz (Small) - 26 mins
Earnest - 26.04mins
Brian (Small) - 27 mins

3.7km Time Trial (Girls)
Asquiha - 19.24
Kiazhi - 21.56mins
Esther - 23.07mins
Marsyah - 23.42 mins
Mei Qiu - 25.19mins
Fraser - 25.22mins
Shafiqah - 26.10mins

Well done guys.

- Coach

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Training Conducted for today (17th April 2008)

Dear all,

Training conducted today:

Runner's Gym
Burpees fartlek

- Coach

* Extra training conducted - Diagonal Straights workout

Pre Race Diet for Competition

Dear all,

1) Hydration (Having to drink sufficient water) is the racer’s first rule. Thus, it is important to be properly hydrated before the race.

2) Proper amounts of carbohydrates being taken will increase the glycogen stores and give you more ATP to convert to energy on the race day.

Thus, the night before the race, try not to consume heavy meals (Eg. Big Mac Meal, Roti Prata, Rojak, Curry Fish Head, Fried Chicken) and finish dinner before 8pm. After that, take plenty of water and eat more carbohydrates with low glycemic index as they last longer.

Here's a meal sample the night before:

6.30pm -

Grilled Chicken, Grilled Fish with potatoes or noodles/pasta (The serving of pasta or noodles should be your palm size)
Vegetables and Fruits (2 apples or 2 oranges or 2 slices of watermelon)
A big glass of water (No Coke please. The caffeine will dehydrate you)

7.30pm -

2 slices of bread with cheese/jam/butter/no kaya please
1 can of 100plus (330ml)

8pm -

One glass water



Race Day:

Wake up: 6pm or 6.30pm


3 slices bread with butter/margarine or jam or cheese (Carbohydrates)
1 egg without egg yolk (Protein)
Hot Milo (Minerals)
Vitamin C pill
One glass water


Noodle soup or light meal (Sandwiches - 2 slices preferably ham and cheese)
100plus (330ml)
Banana or fruits
One glass water

Pre-Race (On the bus to Botanic gardens)
100 plus (330ml)
Sips of water (Approx 1/4 of mineral water bottle)

Team NV, this is the moment we have been training for. Just run your best race and do your best.

- Coach

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Time Trial for Cross Country run (4.1km)

Dear all,

Here are the results for the time trial for the cross country run:

Group 1

Fraser: 21.02min
Meiqiu: 21.41min
Shafiqah: 24.45min
Runza: 19.56min

Group 2

Iris: 20.10min
Asquiha: 17.02min
Jiaqi: 17.25
Kang Yi: 20.15min
Kia Zhi: 18.22min

Group 3

Marsyah: 18.22min
Brian: 23.29min
Hafiz: 23.25min
Bo Tai: 22.45min

Group 4

Nicholas: 19.05min
Brian: 22.25min
Kenneth: 16.35min
Ying Xian: 20.25min
Ryley: 18.24min
Jian Da: 18.27min

Well done guys. I am happy with the results. Especialy Asquiha, Kenneth, Masyah's and Jian Da's results. Keep it up.

- Coach

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Training Schedule for week starting 14th April 2008

Dear all,

The training schedule is as follows:

15th April 2008 (Tues)
Venue: Botanic gardens (Bus is provided)
Time: 1530hrs

17th April 2008 (Thurs)
Venue: North Vista
Time: 1530hrs

18th April 2008 (Fri)
Venue: Botanic gardens
Time: 1530hrs

- Coach

Training Conducted Today

Dear all,

Training Conducted Today:

1km Workout X 6 reps

- Coach

Friday, April 11, 2008

Training Conducted Today (11th April 2008)

Training Conducted Today:

Botanic Gardens Long Run (9km)

- Coach

Training Conducted on 8th and 10th April 2008

Dear all,

Training Conducted today:

8th April 2008 (Tues)
Rain at Macritchie - Only strenghtening conducted.

10th April 2008 (Thurs)
Runner's Gym

- Coach

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Training Schedule for April (Week starting April 7)

Dear all,

Training Schedule for the week ahead:

April 8 (Tuesday)
Venue: Macritchie
Time: 1630hrs

April 10 (Thursday)
Venue: NV
Time: 1530hrs

April 11 (Friday)
Venue: Botanic gardens
Time: 1530hrs

- Coach

Training Conducted Today (6 April 2008)

Dear all,

Training conducted today:

350m hills
1500m workout

- Coach

Friday, April 4, 2008

Training conducted today (4 April 2008)

Dear all,

Training Conducted today:

9km Run (Botanic Gardens)

- Coach

Correct Attitude

Dear all,

Yesterday I had some issues to address but I haven't got the time.

-Positive attitude and not giving up
Alot of you tend to give up during running and stop. Remember that it is not easy to complete a run. But te most important thing is to hold on and press on. If you give up, you will always give up. This is very dangerous during competition time.

- Coach

Training Conducted Today (3rd April 2008)

Dear all,

Training Conducted today:

Runner's Gym
Mid Distance Workout

- Coach

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Training Conducted Today (1st April 2008)

Dear all,

Training Conducted today:

Macritchie 1km workout

I am very happy that Kenneth, Nicholas, Jian Da, Esther, Joey, Jiaqi, Ying Xian, Kia zhi and some of the sec 1 girls tried their best today for the workout. The rest who did not complete the workout must remember that you have to complete the workout to benefit.